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Lapsha po tayski
Wheat noodles, beef, accented sauce, vegetables "Mix", garlic, marinated bamboo
Lapsha po yaponski
Buckwheat noodles, chicken fillet, teriyaki sauce, "Mix" vegetables, marinated bamboo, garlic
rice, smoked eel, sesame, unagi sauce, ginger
Spagetti karbonara
Spaghetti, bacon, cream, egg, parmesan
Lapsha po vetnamski
Noodles of harusame, tiger shrimps, chicken breast, green onions, carrots, marinated bamboo, zucchini, onion, sesame seeds, skillette sauce
Lapsha po kitayski
Egg noodles, pork, sweet and sour sauce, vegetables "Mix", marinated bamboo, garlic.
We strongly recomend
Pizza s ugrem
Smoked eel, Mozzarella cheese, champignons, mayonnaise, spicy sauce, unagi sauce, sesame
Store Cake
Delicate coconut cheesecake according to the SushiStore's own recipe, of its own production.
Tom Yam
Coconut milk, tiger shrimps, chicken fillet, champignons, green onions
Go (8 items)
Smoked eel, salmon, avocado, mix "Crispi", tobiko.
Slivochniy Ugor
Smoked eel, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber, unagi sauce
Slivochniy Losos
Salmon, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber
California Classic
Kamchatka crab, cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko
Tori Ebi Burger
Cutlet from shrimp and chicken fillet, pickled cucumber, avocado sauce, spicy sauce, cheddar cheese, iceberg salad, tobiko, sesame.
Berry fruit juice 0,5l
Cherries, strawberries, sugar, water
Tobiko gunkan
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