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Lapsha po tayski
Wheat noodles, beef, accented sauce, vegetables "Mix", garlic, marinated bamboo
280 g  290 r.
Lapsha po yaponski
Buckwheat noodles, chicken fillet, teriyaki sauce, "Mix" vegetables, marinated bamboo, garlic
280 g  270 r.
rice, smoked eel, sesame, unagi sauce, ginger
220 g  320 r.
Spagetti karbonara
Spaghetti, bacon, cream, egg, parmesan
290 g  255 r.
Lapsha po vetnamski
Noodles of harusame, tiger shrimps, chicken breast, green onions, carrots, marinated bamboo, zucchini, onion, sesame seeds, skillette sauce
315 g  375 r.
Lapsha po kitayski
Egg noodles, pork, sweet and sour sauce, vegetables "Mix", marinated bamboo, garlic.
280 g  290 r.
We strongly recomend
Pizza s ugrem
Smoked eel, Mozzarella cheese, champignons, mayonnaise, spicy sauce, unagi sauce, sesame
280 g  289 r.
Store Cake
Delicate coconut cheesecake according to the SushiStore's own recipe, of its own production.
130 g  99 r.
Tom Yam
Coconut milk, tiger shrimps, chicken fillet, champignons, green onions
250 g  270 r.
Go (8 items)
Smoked eel, salmon, avocado, mix "Crispi", tobiko.
290 g  470 r.
Slivochniy Ugor
Smoked eel, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber, unagi sauce
290 g  420 r.
Slivochniy Losos
Salmon, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber
290 g  420 r.
California Classic
Kamchatka crab, cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko
265 g  599 r.
Tori Ebi Burger
Cutlet from shrimp and chicken fillet, pickled cucumber, avocado sauce, spicy sauce, cheddar cheese, iceberg salad, tobiko, sesame.
280 g  229 r.
Berry fruit juice 0,5l
Cherries, strawberries, sugar, water
0,5 g  80 r.
Tobiko gunkan
30 g  65 r.

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