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Cheese Syke
Salmon, cream cheese Cremette. (6 pieces)
105 g  165 r.
Crunch Tuna
Tuna, crispy mix, batter, green onion, teriyaki sauce, sesame. (8 pieces)
255 g  220 r.
Syaketoro (8 items)
Salmon, cream cheese Cremette, pineapple, green onions, teriyaki sauce, sesame. (8 pcs.)
230 g  269 r.
Spring Eby (8 items)
Tiger prawn, avocado sauce, green onions, batter, panko panko crackers, spring dough. (8 pcs.)
225 g  289 r.
 Spring Caesar (8 items)
Smoked chicken, tamago, avocado sauce, iceberg lettuce, Parmesan cheese, batter, panko croutons, spring dough (8 pcs.)
300 g  295 r.
Spring Syke (8 items)
Salmon, Cremette cream cheese, green onions, batter, panko crackers, spring dough (8 pcs.)
225 g  329 r.
Florida (8 items)
Salmon, avocado, tiger shrimp in batter, cream cheese Cremette. (8 pieces)
235 g  330 r.
Smoked eel and salmon, snow crab, mayonnaise, avocado, tobiko, unagi sauce, sesame
275 g  450 r.
 Spring Unagi (8 items)
Eel, cream cheese Cremette, green onions, unagi sauce, sesame, batter, panko croutons, spring dough. (8 pcs.)
235 g  379 r.
Miami (8 items)
Tiger prawns in batter, smoked eel, avocado, unagi sauce, sesame. (8 pieces)
210 g  380 r.

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