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Salmon, avocado, tiger shrimp in batter, cream cheese Cremette. (8 psc)
Sweet pepper, avocado, cucumber, iceberg salad, tomato, avocado sauce. (8 psc)
Syake Tataki
Salted salmon, snow crab, avocado, tobiko. (8 psc)
Salmon, crispy onion, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko, unagi sauce. (8 psc)
Eel, salmon, spicy sauce, tobiko. (6 psc)
Phila Light
Salmon, cream cheese. (8 psc)
Sweet pepper, iceberg salad, sesame, pickled seaweed chuka. (8 psc)
Shrimp in batter, spicy sauce, lettuce, sesame, tobiko. (8 psc)
Crunch Tuna
Tuna, crispy mix, batter, green onion, teriyaki sauce, sesame. (8 psc)
Syake Philadelphia
Salmon, cream cheese. (8 psc)
Tataki Philadelphia
Salted salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber. (8 psc)
Scallop, salmon fillet, mayonnaise, tobiko, wasabi, unagi sauce. (6 psc)
Tiger prawns in batter, smoked eel, avocado, unagi sauce, sesame. (8 psc)
Unagi Onigara
Smoked eel, cream cheese, unagi sauce, sesame. (8 psc)
Bonito Philadelphia
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, shavings of tuna. (8 pcs)
Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese. (8 psc)
Smoked eel, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame. (8 pcs)
California with crab
Snow crab, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko. (8 pcs)
Kani Phila
Snow crab, cucumber, cream cheese, tobiko. (8 psc)
Krispy Syake
Salmon, a mixture of "Crispy", batter, unagi sauce, sesame. (8 psc)
Tori Batakan
Bacon, smoked chicken, Bulgarian pepper, cucumber, spicy sauce. (8 psc)
Royal Philadelphia
Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, snow crab. (8 psc)
California with fresh salmon
Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko. (8 psc)
California with shrimp
Shrimp, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko. (8 pcs)
Salmon smoked, avocado, cream cheese, caviar salmon. (8 psc)
Snow crab, cucumber, crispy onions, cream cheese, tobiko, cheese sauce. (8 psc)
Tobiko Philadelphia
Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko. (8 psc)
Smoked eel, crispy onion, cream cheese, cucumber, sesame, unagi sauce. (8 psc)
Kalifa Light
Snow crab, mayonnaise, cucumber, sesame. (8 pcs)
California with eel
Smoked eel, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko. (8 pcs)
Smoked Fish
Cold smoked tuna, salmon, Cremette cheese, cucumber, spicy sauce, nori shavings. (8 pcs)
Syake Avo
Salmon, Cremette cheese, avocado, teriyaki sauce, rice paper, sesame. (8pcs)
Tori Shitake
Shiitake mushrooms, smoked chicken, snow crab, crispy fried onions, teriyaki sauce, spicy sauce, sesame seeds. (8 pcs)
Kranch Unagi
Smoked eel, Crispy mixture, tempura crumbs, sesame seeds, unagi sauce. (8 pcs)
We strongly recomend
Pizza s ugrem
Smoked eel, Mozzarella cheese, champignons, mayonnaise, spicy sauce, unagi sauce, sesame
Delicate coconut cheesecake according to the SushiStore's own recipe, of its own production.
Tom Yam
Coconut milk, tiger shrimps, chicken fillet, champignons, green onions
Tiger shrimp in batter and panko bread, cream cheese Cremette, avocado, tobiko. (8psc)
Slivochniy Ugor
Smoked eel, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber, unagi sauce. (8psc)
Slivochniy Losos
Salmon, cream cheese Cremette, cucumber. (8psc)
California Classic
Kamchatka crab, cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko. (8psc)
Tori Ebi Burger
Cutlet from shrimp and chicken fillet, pickled cucumber, avocado sauce, spicy sauce, cheddar cheese, iceberg salad, tobiko, sesame.
Yagodniy Mors 0,5l
Cherries, strawberries, sugar, water
Tobiko gunkan
California Grill
Калифорния Гриль Спайси, Калифорния Гриль Чиз, Калифорния гриль Cпайси Лайт.
Slivochnaya Krevetka
Tiger shrimp, Cremette cheese, cucumber. (8psc)
Cold smoked tuna, salmon, Cremette cheese, iceberg salad, cucumber, avocado, spice sauce, green onion, tobiko. (8pcs.)
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